Sluggard School


Proverbs 6:9, “How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep?”

Proverbs 15:21, “Folly delights a man who lacks judgment, but a man of understanding keeps a straight course.”


“Enrollment may be free, but what is it costing you?”

College can be expensive. Universities charge exorbitant fees and promise a prestigious education for those who attend. For those willing to pay the price and do the work, the payoff is huge!

But there’s one school that anyone can attend, no matter how much experience, money, or influence we have. On one hand, this school costs us nothing. On the other hand, it costs us everything.

When we enroll in Sluggard School, we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. In fact, “nothing” is what this school is all about!  God, though, doesn’t want us to experience a life of nothing. He wants us to experience a life full of purpose and direction. He wants us to learn all we can—and that comes when we are willing to work!

Don’t enroll in Sluggard School. Instead, enroll in the University of Ant and be willing to do the work to learn from God’s wisdom, and discover the greatest education available!


Go to the Fellowship Church Instagram account and screenshot our latest Insta-story of the ant. Save it as your phone wallpaper and remember the joy of working hard in everything you do!

Not on Instagram? Draw a picture of an ant on a sticky note and put it where you will see it often this week!


God, there are moments in my life when “nothing” sounds attractive. Help me to see past the momentary comfort of that kind of living, and focus on the powerful life you have for me as I rely on your strength to work hard in everything I do. Amen.

Today's Bible Reading

Proverbs 15