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How to keep your children from running your life

Kid CEO Book
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In these days of corporate scandal, there's a far more pervasive and serious problem going on right under our noses. It's a family takeover orchestrated by our kids. That's right, children are taking control of family units in record numbers.

When a man and woman marry, says author Ed Young, they occupy the leadership roles in their relationship. But in some cases, as children enter the family arena, that begins to change. The kids slowly become the center of the family universe as parents relinquish control to them. In effect, the children become Kid CEOs and the parents become the support staff. This ultimately has devastating effects on both the marriage and the family itself.

Through a thought-provoking yet entertaining analysis of contemporary family dynamics, Ed Young challenges parents to reclaim their leadership role and explains why marriage must take first priority in the home. Discover the four crucial elements of successful parenting:

  • Knowledge. Learn how to build and strengthen the family foundation--and keep yourselves, not your kids, in the executive office.
  • Intimacy. Remember to keep love alive during the parenting years--because a marriage defeated in the bedroom is a marriage defeated in the family room.
  • Discipline. Maintain a training ground of loving obedience--and understand discipline from both the child's and parents' viewpoint.
  • Structure. Raise well-rounded kids within a balanced home--and guard against anything that threatens them, within and without.
  • As parents, we have charge of our children for only a short time. It's up to us to prepare them for life...and still have, after they grow up, a marriage more vibrant than ever.

Format: Paperback
Length: 237 pages
Publisher: Warner
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