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Who's Kidding Who?

Teach families that parenting is no joke

Who's Kidding Who

Has parental authority become the punch line of a national joke? Sadly, we have allowed a cynical society to kid us into thinking that parenting is laughable and obsolete. Well, in this series, Ed Young's not kidding when he says, "Parenting is no joke!" As we take a serious look at God's design for the family, we'll find out that it is possible to restore order and sanity to the home.

5 Week Series:

Slip-Sliding Away

GPS (God's Positioning System) for the family

Parental Popcorn

Relationship priorities

Game Day

Parental discipline

Young and Younger

Ed, Lisa, & LeeBeth Young discuss family challenges

Counter Culture

The influences of society on the family

Series on CD/DVD

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