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Larger than Life

Keys to the Christian life

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Every day, people everywhere resolve to start over. They promise themselves that they will redo, change, shift, or reorder their way into a better existence. Even if life is good, we say, the possibility always exists that life could be great. And the amazing news is that God wants us to have great lives. In fact, he wants us to live larger than life. But how do we do that?

All too often, we think that living large means adding more and more to our already crowded plates. And so we're always looking for the next deal, the next relationship, the next fun fix to take us to the next level. But Jesus taught us that living large starts with three small, foundational principles.

In this series, Ed Young unpacks the power of what Christ talked about 2000 years ago. And as we learn to embrace these principles, we discover not only how to deepen our relationship with God; we also find the keys to living larger than life.

4 Week Series:


Keys to Christian life - Fasting


Aligning our desires with God's


Turning our focus to God through prayer


Connecting with God

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