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Creative Church Conference 2007

What If - What Is General Sessions

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WHAT IF you could turn your ministry dreams into reality--your what ifs could become what is? The 2007 Creative Church Conference, led by Ed Young, brought together five of the country's most influential leaders. Find out how these diverse and dynamic leaders have turned 'what if' into 'what is' in their ministries and their lives. These power-packed leadership lessons come straight from the front lines of ministry. Not only will you discover the raw truth of church life, but your eyes will be opened to see the full potential your church has when creativity plays a vibrant part in all you do.

6 Week Series:

Session 1

Ed Young

Session 2

Craig Groeschel

Session 3

Mark Driscoll

Session 4

Dr. Ed Young

Session 5

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Session 6

Ed Young

Series on DVD

Experience Ed Young's powerful message delivery of this complete series on DVD:

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