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Taking steps towards making change

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What would you change about your life? Let's face it. We all have things about ourselves we want to change, whether they are big or small. Some people dread, even avoid change, while others seek it out like the next big thing, latest fad or adrenaline rush.

But change isn't always what we think it is. When it comes to changing our lives, we think it only takes a certain amount of determination, drive and discipline. But there's much more to change. And in this series, Ed Young teaches us that change - real change - comes only from God. And when we learn to partner and cooperate with him, we tap into the power that can radically change everything about our lives, forever.

6 Week Series:

Making Change

Only God can make change

Taking Hold

Letting go of what we're holding on to and taking hold of Jesus

Ever Mind

Working through the obstacles of change

Walking the Path

Successfully navigating the path toward change

Changing Lanes

Making the change that will last for eternity

Keep the Change

Making Jesus the center of your life

Series on CD/DVD

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