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Overcoming the devastating effects of betrayal

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The sting of betrayal. It's something we're all familiar with. We know all too well the feeling it leaves in our lives and on our souls. It's a bitter feeling full of resentment and hurt. But is it possible to overcome the devastating effects of betrayal and experience phenomenal outcomes?

In this series, Ed Young uncovers the dangerous secrets and God's powerful truth about this potent topic. And through the lives of some men who dealt with the harshest betrayal from those closest to them, we discover how God's amazing love, grace and forgiveness can lead us through betrayal and help us experience the life we were always meant to have.

6 Week Series:

The Pit

Climbing out of the pit of betrayal


Escaping the bitterness and anger of betrayal.

Pit Process

Using the pit of betrayal to develop endurance


Every betrayal has two sides

Play God

Leaving vengeance to God

God Meant It For Good

God can use the pit of betrayal for good

Series on DVD/CD

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