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Wake Up

Waking up to see what God really has for you

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Sleep is an interesting state. When we're asleep, we don't even know it. It's only when we wake up that we realize we had been asleep in the first place. It's true physically; it's also true spiritually.

In this series, Ed Young looks at several characters throughout the Bible who found themselves asleep to what God had in store for them. And as we get an inside track into their lives, we discover that in our own lives, God doesn't want us to be lulled to sleep spiritually. Because life takes on so much more meaning, direction and purpose when we finally wake up!

4 Week Series:

Sleeping in Church

Are you sleep walking through your life with God?

A 'Hole Mutha Level

Contrasting the wide awake and fast asleep parenting styles.

Unlimited Potential

Understanding how to wake up and find our unlimited potential.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Opportunity is often met with opposition.

Series on DVD/CD

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