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Fashion Police

A study on how image isn't everything

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In today's world of "image is everything," so many people base their fashion- and their lives- on what they think others want to see. But so many in today's world are fashion unconscious. Some are stuck in the 80s. Others overly accessorize to the point of being humorous. And still others seemingly don't care at all what their fashion says about them.

In this series by Ed Young, we're going to take a look at some of the crazy fashion statements that people make. And we're going to ultimately see that for our fashion to really communicate anything at all, it must be first grounded in the Lord of all.

6 Week Series:


How to live a truly seamless life

Wardrobe Malfunction

In what fashion are you wearing Christ?

Fashion Forward

Wearing the clothing of baptism

Completion Problem

What it means to be partially dressed

Completion Problem, Solved

What it takes to be fully dressed

Dressed and Ready

Our wardrobe, complete.

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