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Creative Church Conference 2009

General Sessions for C3 Days and C3 Nights

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The Creative Church Conference (C3) is designed to unite the Church in order to change the world. And during C3 2009, we experienced unity through diversity like never before.

Thousands of men and women of faith from all over the world gathered as one to hear from some of the world's greatest communicators. And the power of the living, breathing Trinity -- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- became the launching pad for so many to step up and step out in order to change the world they live in for Jesus Christ.

C3 Nights
The Creative Church Conference is designed to inspire, encourage and equip leaders in every avenue of life. But C3 doesn't end at the close of the business day. This year, the inspiration continues through C3 Nights. Each C3 Night event is something that promises to renew your spirit and re-energize your life. Don't miss this opportunity to take the words of Ed Young, Jentezen Franklin, Craig Groeschel, Christine Caine and Bishop T.D. Jakes beyond the walls of the conference and into your life!

14 Week Series:


Ed Young

Down But Not Out

Ed Young

Let God Speak

Bil Cornelius

Let the Truth Set You Free

Ben Young

Get Addicted

Jentezen Franklin

Tommy Barnett

A River of Power

We Can Do Better

Steven Furtick

Be the Church

Christine Caine

What is It?

Craig Groeschel

C3 Nights: A Call for Mercy

Jentezen Franklin

C3 Nights: Obsession

Christine Caine

C3 Nights: The Chair

Ed Young

C3 Nights: An Audience of One

Craig Groeschel

C3 Nights: What's In Your House?

Bishop T.D. Jakes

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