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Creative Church Conference 2006

Evolve - General Sessions

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Change is a necessary catalyst for our growth, maturity and development. Although we experience changes almost daily, there is something that never changes. From eternity to eternity, God remains a constant. Simply put: God is.

But the same cannot and should not be said of the church. The methodology must change in order to meet the changing contour of the world around it. In short: Church evolves.

As leaders of the church, we must be willing to facilitate that evolution. Through this series of talks, we can learn to do church in ways we never thought possible and discover together what the church can become because of who God is.

Ed Young - Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church, with special guests Bill Hybels, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and Erwin McManus.

5 Week Series:

Who Are They?

Ed Young

From They and Me to He

Ed Young

Four Principles of Leadership

Bill Hybels

Jump into His Arms

Erwin McManus

10 Commandments of Christian Leadership

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Series on DVD

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