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Building and Burning Relationships

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Bridges are designed to span a chasm between 'here' and 'there'. They are designed to connect people from one area to people from another. Built to withstand pressure and constructed to endure force, bridges give us passage to otherwise unreachable destinations. In this series, Pastor Ed Young takes a look at some familiar aspects of all bridges. And he teaches us how the bridges we build can help us experience the kind of life God has in store for us all.

5 Week Series:

I'll Cross That Bridge When I Come To It (Easter)

Crossing the ultimate bridge

The Bridge to Somewhere

How to forgive and get where we’re going

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

How to Forgive Even If We Don’t Feel Like It

A Bridge to Nowhere

Avoiding Destructive Relationships

Falling Down

How to Strengthen and Maintain Relational Bridges

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