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If Jesus were to call Kim Kardashian, Lebron James, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Jones, and Katy Perry to have a one-on-one conversation, what would He say to them? Jesus' love encompasses the famous and fortunate, bold and beautiful, eccentric and outspoken, and the shocking and scandalous. In this series, Pastor Ed Young looks at what Jesus might say to each of these people, and through His words we will also hear what Jesus has to say to us.

6 Week Series:

Jerry Jones

Making Deals With God Won’t Work

Lance Armstrong

How the Truth Really Sets You Free

Lebron James

What True Humility Looks Like

Katy Perry

Experiencing Life the Way God Wants Us To

Kim Kardashian

What Fame Should Really be About

Ellen Degeneres

Acceptance Isn’t the Same as Approval

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