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Family Octagon

Fighting the Ultimate Fight

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The family is the foundation of our society. So goes the family, so goes our future. But the truth is that family is under attack. So what should our response be? Join Pastor Ed Young for this perspective-shifting series on family in today's world. And discover what fights God wants you to avoid, which ones He wants you to step into, and which ones He wants you to win, no matter what the cost.

7 Week Series:

Pre-Fight Weigh In

Discovering How To Fight…And Win

The Main Event

Preparing for the Fight of Our Lives

Technique Is Key

8 Discipline Techniques to Change Your Family

Blurred Lines and Bacon

Understanding the Power of Compromise

8 Sides of the Octagon

Understanding Discipline From God’s Perspective


How blended families can become one.

Transferring the Title

Dealing with parents, in-laws, and other adult relatives.

Series on DVD/CD

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