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I'm a Big Hypocrite

Learning to match what we do with what we say.

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We've all been there before, caught between the intention of our words and the reality of our actions. It's not a place we ever intend to go. But the fact is, we've all done it at some point. We've become what we say, we despise - a hypocrite. The great news is that we don't have to remain in that no-mans-land between what we say and what we do. There is hope beyond our hypocrisy.

During this hard-hitting series, Pastor Ed Young shows us the danger of saying one thing while doing another. And in the ensuing weeks, we discover exactly what it takes to remove the mask of hypocrisy for good.

4 Week Series:

Hypocrisy Is...

Unpacking God’s truth about hypocrisy.

Don't Drench the Hypocrites

Discovering the potential of our position.

Get Some Hygene

It’s all about the heart.

The Roof

"If I ever went to church, the roof would cave in!"

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