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Knowing who's got your back.

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Drones are everywhere these days. They circle high in the sky, and hover over the seas. Their purpose is to monitor our movement and keep an account of our activity. But do drones catch it all? Or can we have clandestine meetings and closed-door conversations that are never discovered?

In this series by Pastor Ed Young, we discover the truth about some of God's most amazing attributes. Ed will look at some tough questions like, "Where is God?" "What does God know?" and "What can God do?" And he unpacks the truth that no matter where we are or what we are doing, God is right there with us to help us through.

3 Week Series:

Where is God?

Discovering the power of God’s presence.

What does God know?

The implications of God’s eternal knowledge

What Can God Do?

What true power can do in our lives.

Series on DVD/CD

Experience Ed Young's powerful message delivery of this complete series on DVD or CD:

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