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A Bout with Doubt

Responding to global turmoil and personal doubt

A Bout with Doubt

When terrorist attacks and needless violence fill the news headlines, our minds are flooded with questions. And as world events turn tragic more and more often, these questions can't be ignored.

A Bout with Doubt shows us how faith can help us sort out a world that doesn't seem to make sense anymore. Within this 6-week series, two messages stand out as especially relevant to current events. Global Doubt, Part 1 and Part 2, go deep into some of the world's largest religions, and examine the fundamental beliefs that produce radically different world views.

6 Week Series:

When Faith Has Lost it's Fizz

Dealing with doubt

Faith Lift

Understanding faith

VCR Faith

Reviewing faith

Global Doubt - Part 1

Hinduism, Buddhism, & Islam

Global Doubt - Part 2

Jehovah's Witness & Mormonism

Highway 146

One Way

Series on DVD/CD

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