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Retro - Back to the Basics

Fundamentals of faith

Retro - Back to the Basics

Juggling life's priorities can easily become complicated and complex. But the solutions we look for often cause us to spin even further out of control. In this series, Ed Young takes a closer look at the essentials for a strong Christian life, including building the right friendships, involvement in the local church, developing biblical priorities and taking time to rest. And he shows us that God's answers to life's complexities are often simpler than we first thought - it's all about getting back to the basics.

7 Week Series:

The Greatest Show on Earth

Setting priorities

Gap Kids

Bridging the gap


Getting to know God

Relational Realities

The importance of friendships

Stepping Up

Finding true friendships

Leisure Suits You

Remember the Sabbath


Reviewing God's priorities and our daily commitments

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