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Using the Bible as a foundation to face uncertainty in today's world


Financial Upheaval. Corporate Scandal. Terrorist Attacks. Moral Confusion. Future Insecurity. We are bombarded on a daily basis by a host of problems that, if we let them, have the ability to demoralize and debilitate us. In such an uncertain world, where do we go for answers? In this timely series, Ed Young takes us to a certain source of hope and truth in the midst of the uncertainty of our times.

5 Week Series:

Certain 3's

Unveiling three biblical certainties during tough economic times

Panic Room

A reminder of God's never-ending protection for us

Wave Good Bye

Learning how to stabilize moral security through a wave of storms

Certain Reality

A collection of real life interviews with people who are battling uncertainty

Know Option

Living and sharing the life-giving gospel of Christ in an uncertain world

Series on DVD

Experience Ed Young's powerful message delivery of this complete series on DVD:

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