Release the Grip of Greed


1 Timothy 6:18, “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”


“Generosity is the antithesis of greed.”

The grip of greed is something that we begin training for very early in life! Studies show that one of the most common first words spoken is the word “mine.” Once a child realizes something is theirs they store that information away and, as parents can attest, they don’t soon forget it. Take the item away and the scenario usually turns emotional and plays out with attempts to grab the item back, and then declarations of possession: “THAT’S MINE!”

We do the same thing as adults, don’t we? We guard our stuff with great intensity and the longer we have it in our grasp, the more emotionally connected we are to it. The grip of greed is deadly. If you don’t get the stuff out of your hands quickly, it can begin to encompass your heart.

God wants your heart freed from the grip of greed and positioned for generosity. What “stuff” are you emotionally connected to right now? Today is the day to release the grip of greed.


What possession have you claimed as your own, even though God is the true owner? It’s not yours, but you’re gripping it like it is and it now has a grip on your heart. Remember, generosity is the antithesis of greed – so give it away!


Heavenly Father, thank you for displaying generosity to me. You loved me so much that you sent the best gift you could for me – Your Son! Help me today to follow your example and give the best of what I have without hesitation. Amen.