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Anticipation and Preparation

Saturday, January 5


Isaiah 65:18, “Look ahead with joy. Anticipate what I’m creating…”


“Anticipation without preparation leads to frustration. Anticipation with preparation leads to exultation!”

The beginning of every year seems to bring with it a level of anticipation. We may anticipate a career change, a personal improvement, a renewed relationship, or a closer connection with God. Whatever it is, there’s something fresh and exciting about the new year that causes us to look eagerly to what is ahead.

Right now, at Fellowship Church, we sit on the brink of an exciting season. We are anticipating amazing things to come, and we know that God wants to do something phenomenal in and through us. But anticipating something and experiencing it are very different things. We must be prepared.

Are you ready to experience all that God has in store for your life? It all begins with preparation. Or, to put it another way, pre-prayer-ation!

Right now, begin to pray for God to reveal to you all that he has in store for 2019. Pray boldly. Pray confidently. And “pre-prayer” for all that God is going to do!


Prayer is simply a conversation with God. There’s no magic formula or special words. Simply ask God to reveal to you what he has in store. Then, listen to how he responds. A great way to keep track is to write your prayers down in a notebook or journal. That way you can always look back and see what God has done in your life!


God, I know you have great things in store for me in the days, months, and years to come. Help my heart and my mind prepare for those things so that I can experience the power of your hand in my life! Amen.

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