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Behind the Seen

Sunday, May 12


Proverbs 31:27-29, “She watches over her family and never wastes her time. Her children speak well of her. Her husband also praises her saying, “There are many fine women, but you are better than all of them.”


Moms often don’t get the appreciation they deserve because so much of what they do is “behind the seen.” They do countless, thankless tasks every day to ensure their families don’t just survive – but thrive. But sometimes moms do need to be noticed and appreciated because, like everyone else, they have the God-given desire to know that what they do matters. And it does! So, mothers, don’t buy into the “Mom Myth” and think what others see is more valuable and worthwhile than what they don’t. The fact is that “unseen” does not equal “unimportant.”

Jesus, the greatest person to ever live, remained in obscurity for years. The Bible gives an account of his birth, him at age two, age twelve, and then nothing until he was thirty. But we know Jesus was faithful even in the unseen because he knew God was watching and what mattered most was God’s – not other people’s – approval.

Mothers, regardless of what’s seen and what’s not, you are one of God’s greatest gifts, so please know that all you do makes a huge difference both here and in heaven! Happy Mother’s Day!


Hopefully, you already have something to give your mom for Mother’s Day, but you can next level your appreciation by telling her face-to-face what she means to you and how thankful you are for all she does. If your mom has already passed away, thank God for the years you had with her. And, say a prayer for all the moms in your life to experience the joy of knowing how deeply appreciated they are – by their children, and by God.


God, mothers are one of your greatest gifts to us. Being a mom is one of life’s highest callings and I’m thankful for all they do – whether it’s seen by all or noticed by none. Today, I pray for all moms to know how loved, appreciated and special they are because it’s what you see that matters most. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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