Chair One


John 6:44, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws them…”


For just a moment, think about the position you are in. Think about the place you live and where you work or go to school. Think about the relationships you have developed. Have you ever considered why? Why are you where you are? Why do you have what you have? The reality is, God has blessed all of us with potential and purpose. He has placed each of us right where we are for a reason, and that reason is to reach the people around us with His message of hope found in Christ.

We’ve learned that the church is a table where people come to get fed, and around that table are several chairs. The first chair is the chair of those who are far from God. That is a chair of purpose and potential. That’s the chair we work to fill each and every weekend at church.

How are those people who would sit in chair one going to be drawn to the table? It’s by each of us who are Christ-followers being intentional and strategic in maximizing our position in life. Those people in your life who are far away from God will be drawn to Him by the “aroma” of your words and actions. It’s not enough to just hope they show up to the table or rely on others to do all the work. Make sure you are strategic in reaching out and inviting others to join you at the table!


Make a list of three people in your life who are “chair one” people—those who are far away from God. Begin praying specifically for them and asking God to open up doors of opportunity for you to invite them to join you at Fellowship Church this Christmas. And even if you would consider yourself a first chair person, God can still use you to touch the lives of others! Remember, most people are just one invite away from experiencing life change!


Dear God, I know you have placed me where I am for a reason. Help me to see the opportunities in my life to reach out to those around me and offer them the bread of life, Your Son, so that they may come to the table and discover Your plan for their lives. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.