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Don’t Waste Your Worship

Monday, November 18


Genesis 1:27, “So God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.”

Psalm 66:4, “All the earth worships You and sings praises to You; they sing praises to Your name.”


As human beings, we seem to know that there is something we are supposed to be adoring or, in other words, worshiping. But determining what the object of our worship should be is often fraught with confusion. In our eagerness to worship something, we often choose the wrong object — be it sports, music, people or possessions. As a result, we waste our worship.

The Bible makes it clear that we are made in the image of God. Within each of us is the capacity to worship, to glorify our Maker. You might say that we have a “glorifier” in us. God put that glorifier in us, desiring that we direct at Him. When we do, we discover the real essence and meaning of life.

So, here is the bottom line. Don’t waste your worship, your glorifier, on something other than God. When you do, you miss the best and settle for a counterfeit life. Like the Psalmist, choose today to join the whole earth and worship your Creator, your Heavenly Father, God.


Make weekly church attendance a priority. Commit to be a part of the body of Christ each week to worship and sing praises to God.


Dear God, thank You for Your salvation found in God the Son, Jesus Christ. I worship and glorify Your holy name today. You are the rock upon which I stand and the source for all that I have. I thank You with all of my being! Amen.

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