Gifts From Heaven


Romans 12:6, “We all have different gifts that God has given to us by his loving-favor. We are to use them.”


A Better Idea: Use your God-given gifts in a God-driven way!

God has given spiritual gifts to all Christ-followers. A spiritual gift is any ability empowered by the Holy Spirit and used in the church. When anyone comes to faith in Christ, his or her God-given natural talents and abilities are given a new purpose as God uses them to benefit the body of Christ.

You may be asking, “What are my spiritual gifts?” Think about your natural abilities. If you are not sure, get involved by serving in various ministries within the church. Through serving, you will discover that you enjoy doing some things more than others. And, your gifting will be validated by others as they observe you in action.

Remember, whatever gifts or natural abilities we have are due to God’s grace, so there is no room for pride. Don’t envy the gifts of others. God made you who you are and what you have is important to the functioning of the church. All are needed to make the body of Christ work. Therefore, we should cooperate, not compete, with one another as we use our God-given gifts to bring God glory.


Make a list of abilities that come naturally to you. Are you using those abilities within the church? If not, contact us today at and we can help you take the steps to start serving.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the abilities you’ve given me. May they be used to honor you and to build up your church. In Jesus’ name, Amen.