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Know The Game

Monday, March 18


James 1:3, “Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”


Practice Leads to a Better Performance!

Every basketball player knows that he or she must practice to become a better player. They know their game won’t reach a higher level without the pain of practice.

In life, we must realize that the painful process of enduring trials will inevitably leads us on a path to perseverance. Knowing this, we don’t have to pretend there’s no pain. Instead, we can have a positive attitude knowing that with the pain, there will be gain.

The root word for “perseverance” means to “remain under.” It’s a picture of someone choosing to stay under a heavy weight rather than escaping, because they know it will be greatly rewarding. Perseverance gives us the courage and confidence to face the immediate trials as well as any new ones that come our way in the future.


Commit yesterday and today’s verses to memory so that you can recall them any time you are going through a trial. Let them bring you comfort from the confidence of knowing that victory is just around the corner.


God, I thank you for the powerful verses in your Word that bring me confidence and comfort. Thank you for reminding me that you never leave me to work out problems on my own. I know you’re always just a prayer away. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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