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Older and Wiser

Wednesday, April 10


Leviticus 19:32, “Show respect to the elderly, and honor older people. In this way, you show respect for your God.” (MSG)


With age comes wisdom and experience…

RESPECT isn’t just something we give because someone did something great or because they have celebrity status. An often-forgotten group that should also receive our respect is a group who is sometimes seen as “past their prime.” They deserve the most respect. They have played on the court of life and can help us learn how to play better ourselves. They can be the best coaches.

Many times, we meet people and forget that everyone has a story. This is especially true when it comes to those who are older. Unless we take the opportunity to spend time with them, ask questions and listen, we will never know those stories. Think of the history and wisdom that could be learned by simply listening to those who have years of experience beyond our own! When we choose to spend time learning from someone wiser in years than ourselves, we are displaying honor in a way God instructs us to. In so doing, we also honor God.


Find someone who has had playing time on the court of life and give them the honor they deserve. Spend time with them, ask questions, listen and learn from them. Respond with “Yes, ma’am or Yes, sir.” And while you are at it, bring them a gift, share a meal, clean their home – do something that further shows your respect and appreciation for their wisdom and experience.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the reminder to slow down and spend time with those older than myself. Thank you for those you have put in my life who I can learn from. Help me to show my respect by listening to them and learning from them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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