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Parental Guidance

Saturday, August 17


Malachi 2:15, “What does he (God) want? Godly children from your union.”


Parenting can be one of the biggest blessings as well as one of the most difficult challenges in life. It can be frightening to think about sending a child out into this crazy, chaotic world. So, why do we do it? Why have kids? So they can reflect the glory of God! Their greatest purpose is to shine Christ’s light into the world. This is the main premise we see throughout Scripture.

As parents, we have an opportunity to give our kids to God; and this begins, not by giving them to the church as Hannah did, but by gifting the church to them. When we, as parents, set the example of how to make their relationship with God and their church a priority, then we are giving them a foundation they can stand on for life. Parents, be faithful with your family’s church attendance. Your attendance and engagement reflect not only your dedication, but your obedience to the Bible – God’s guide for parenting. Your kids will see, as you will, the blessings that come with obedience.


Sit down on your own or with your spouse and make a list of the examples you want to set for your kids (even if you don’t have any yet!). Then, for each example, write out specific steps you will both take to cement that example in your children’s lives. How do you want them to see you? How do you want them to view God? Make each day a stepping stone toward becoming the parent God has in mind for you to be!


God, thank you for today’s reminder of what it means to be an obedient parent, raising up obedient children. I know the task is great, but my help comes from you, so I know I’m prepared. Give me the strength and courage I need to set an example of what it means to follow Christ, so my kids may see the blessings that come with obedience. Help me remember the love you have for me so that I can pour that same love into my children. Amen.

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