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Pillow Talk

Tuesday, September 18


Genesis 28:11b, “Taking one of the stones there, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep.”

Proverbs 13:15, “The way of transgressors is hard.”


“The only thing the world can offer us is a cold, hard, rock.”

Have you ever had an exhausting day of traveling where all you can think about is crawling into a comfortable bed to sleep? Now imagine walking into your hotel room only to discover a rock for a pillow – cold, hard, and uncomfortable.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, many of us are swapping our pillows for rocks. God’s best for the world’s quick fixes. Yes, sin can be fun in the moment. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t do it! Yet sin always over-promises and under-delivers. The “fun” isn’t fun the farther and farther we stray from God. And the more we seek what the world has to offer, the harder our lives become. But that’s not what God wants!

God created us to be pillow people. Only when we look to him for satisfaction and success will we truly find peace. This doesn’t mean our lives will always be easy and comfortable; but when the challenging times come, we can always rely on him to provide for us in our moments of need.

Don’t settle for a hard rock! Be a pillow person, and discover the life of joy, purpose and peace that God has to offer.


Write the word “rock” on a card and place it strategically where you will see it when you are tempted to swap the world’s scraps for God’s best.


Dear God, thank you for offering me a life of purpose and peace. Help me to remember that the world’s quick fixes will never truly satisfy but your way always will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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