Reaching the Next Generation


Matthew 19:13, “Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray.”


“Affectionate touch brings affirmation.”

It’s been proven that physical touch between a mother and her newborn baby immediately after birth benefits the baby’s physical and emotional growth. Additionally, infants that are touched on a regular basis have better development than those who don’t receive touch. From the first moments of a human’s life, touch plays a vital role!

We know that adults need to experience touch, but children need to experience this valuable connection, too. Sometimes, in our busyness, we don’t take the time to show affection to the kids around us. This expression of love and affection is important because it gives them a glimpse of their value in God’s eyes. We have the opportunity to reach the next generation by showing them that they have a purpose, are loved by God, and can be transformed by his love.

God speaks life into every single human with a beating heart. Continue to not only speak but show the next generation how important they are in God’s eyes.


If you are a parent, hug your kids, give them high fives, and show them (don’t just tell them) that you love them. Follow Jesus’ example as he touched the lives of the children around him. If you aren’t a parent, look for ways to affirm and encourage the children in your life. Our simple affectionate gestures affirm just how much they are loved and appreciated!


Dear God, thank you for touching my heart and showing me how loved I am by you. Help me to demonstrate that same love to the children in my life, so I can show them how valuable they are to you, Amen.