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Stuff Love

Friday, August 9


1 Timothy 6:8, “But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.”


Do you struggle with it? So many of us do and don’t even realize it… Stuff Love! We love our stuff and spend a great amount of time thinking about our love… of stuff! It’s fun for a moment, but what we really need is some tough love to get over our stuff love. How? We need to stop confusing our needs and our wants. If you have food, clothes and a roof over your head, your main needs are met and you are richer than 75% of the world!

You’re rich! That’s a good thing to repeat to yourself. Say it with me, “I am rich!” Now, keep repeating that to yourself until you actually believe it.

Most would agree with the statement that things don’t satisfy. But if we really believe that, then a lack of things shouldn’t leave us dissatisfied either. At the end of our time here on earth, the stuff isn’t going to matter. No matter the amount of money or stuff, it will never get us the things that truly matter – health, companionship, happiness, friendship, and salvation. Let’s focus on people, relationships and being content with the stuff we already have!


Each day this week, write down five INTANGIBLE (can’t see or touch it) things you are thankful for. Cultivating a heart of gratitude will kick our stuff love to the curb. It can be big or small, just five things you are grateful for every day!


Jesus, thank you for all you have blessed me with! First and foremost, the incredible gift of a relationship with you! Help me never take that for granted. And thank you for the stuff that you’ve allowed me to have. Help me enjoy the stuff and be thankful for it without it becoming my main focus. Give me your eyes today to see all the ways you have blessed me and I’ll thank you for it. Amen!

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