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The Magnitude of Wisdom

Wednesday, December 12


James 3:17, “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure…”


“A life of purity allows us to realize our potential!”

Purity is a word we associate with wholeness or completeness. We know that if anything is added to or taken away from something that is pure, it is no longer pure. And yet, as humans, we sometimes alter something that is pure to make it suitable for our own purposes.

Too often we try altering God’s wisdom for our lives so that it fits our purposes and desires in relationships, careers and other areas. It’s what’s called “selfish ambition.” When this practice occurs in our lives, the Bible tells us that “disorder and evil of every kind” will be the result. It’s the opposite of what God’s pure wisdom intends for us.

However, when we seek God’s pure wisdom in every aspect of our lives, we will experience the result of following his wisdom… a pure, whole and complete life that is full of peace and righteousness. A life as it was meant to be lived and experienced.


What area of your life challenges you the most when it comes to seeking God’s pure wisdom? Whether it is relationally, socially, or business, take an honest assessment. Do you seek God’s pure wisdom or do you rely on your own wisdom? Commit to living a life of purity in your thoughts, words, and actions in every aspect of life.


Dear God, thank you for the pure heavenly wisdom you give me in my life. I know that I have tried to manipulate that pure wisdom for my own selfish ambitions. Help me to seek your wisdom with pure intent. I want to experience the life you intended for me – a life of peace and righteousness that only comes from following your wisdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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