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The Shadow Voice

Wednesday, June 19


Psalm 22:6-7, “But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people. All who see me mock me; they hurl insults, shaking their heads.”


Within every human being is an invisible giant. This giant lives in the basement of our personality, taunting us. It is our shadow side, that secret side we never want to reveal. It is where our temptations and fears live. It is that voice, the shadow voice, that reminds us of our past failures and floods our heart with waves of anxiety about the future.

David, the great warrior king, listened to the shadow voice when he cried, “I am a worm and not a man.” A worm! When you listen to the shadow voice, you will say almost anything about yourself. “I’m not good enough. I don’t have what it takes. I will never succeed. I’m always a failure.” The shadow voice whispering condemnation and creating chaos.

Is there hope of defeating this invisible nemesis, the shadow voice? Yes! You must first bring this giant out of the basement where it lurks in the shadows. Expose the taunts of the shadow voice and silence its lies as you learn to listen to the stronger voice.


Begin making a list of all the lies your shadow voice tells you. Get specific with the personal put-downs, the fears, the worries, and the past regrets your shadow voice condemns you with. Tomorrow you will learn how to listen to the stronger voice, God’s truth, and slay these lies.


Dear God, please help me see all the personal put-downs, the fears, the worries and the past regrets that the shadow voice has been whispering to me. Teach me how to listen to that stronger voice, your voice, every day of my life.

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