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Thirst Quencher

Tuesday, March 20


John 19:28, “…I thirst.”


“When we choose to thirst for God first, we choose His will before our own.”

It’s hard to wrap our mind around the irony that Jesus, the Source of living water, experienced such a basic need of thirst when He was on the cross. While He walked the earth, Jesus experienced our pain, our emotions, our needs; He truly does know even our basic struggles. And Jesus’ physical thirst for water, reminds us of our deeper spiritual need—a thirst for God.

We all thirst, both physically and spiritually. And while water can quench our physical thirst, we must ask ourselves what we are truly thirsty for in order to quench that deeper thirst within. We pursue things that we believe will fulfill us such as financial stability, relational reliability, or perhaps a successful career. There’s nothing wrong with thirsting for these things. But to be truly satisfied, we must choose to thirst for God first. When we do, we find fulfillment and peace that surpasses all understanding.  Choose to pursue God’s will for your life first, and experience how He can quench your thirst like nothing else!


A practical way to put God first is to make a switch. Instead of beginning each day this week with an agenda of what you want to accomplish, ask God to use you to accomplish His will, even if it deviates from your plans. Write about what you discover each day as you watch for opportunities to fulfill His will before your own.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for understanding my needs so well.  I know I am spiritually thirsty.  Help me to choose You first, instead of putting the things that will never satisfy, first. Thank You for being that source of living water in my soul that will never run dry. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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