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Worth the Risk

Tuesday, May 15


Luke 13:12, “When Jesus saw her, He called her over …”


“Love is worth the risk.”

While Jesus was teaching in the synagogue, he noticed a woman who had heard him, but hadn’t seen him. The reason she couldn’t see Jesus was that she was bent over due to a disability, allowing her to only see the ground a few feet ahead. But Jesus saw her and called for her to come to him. She was taking a huge risk coming to Jesus because it meant treading into an area of the synagogue where only Jewish men were allowed. By coming to Jesus, she was breaking the law and would incur the wrath of the synagogue leadership.

Still, she moved toward Jesus. Why? She thought the risk was worth it. And, it was. Jesus made her whole. For the first time in eighteen years she was able to stand straight. She was a new woman because she took the risk to respond to Jesus.

Like this woman bent over for eighteen years, Jesus sees our crookedness as well. What are the crooked areas in your life that need straightening? What are you willing to risk for the wholeness Jesus offers?


Identify the crooked areas in your life. The Holy Spirit is probably bringing to mind an area where you need Jesus to straighten you up. Talk to God about that crooked issue. (Admitting it is the first step!) Then, ask him to help.  What trusted friend can you tell about this issue and the fact that you are trusting in God to make you straight?


Dear God, thank you for your love. Thank you that you see my need even before I see it. Thank you that, through Jesus, you have made me whole. Amen.

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